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L.M. Personnel Services – General Description

L.M.Personnel Services Ltd. was established in 1988. Today, it is ranked among the five leading companies in the human resource and placement field by D&B.
The company has a management team and permanent job holders from the field of psychology and behavioral sciences. The company has years of experience and expertise in the field of manpower evaluation, screening, recruitment, training, and placement in a wide range of professions and positions.
The company's structure includes a division into desks and subsidiaries operating in synergy, each of which specializes in its field.

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Corporate Social Responsibility  

We have an impact on lives and communities working through the power of human collaboration and our business connections.

Our strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is to use the existing developed human resources expertise and partnerships to create a positive impact on Israeli society. We believe that by being socially and environmentally responsible we help the people and the planet, and we create better long-term sustainability of our business.


Office desk's expertise: Evaluation, screening, and placement for administrative, customer service, junior and medium-level management positions, and professions.
The assessment center's expertise is evaluation, screening, and placement for call center services, frontal and telephone sales service fields, as well as for technical support services and various management positions – all for a wide range of clients.
Banking and Finance desk's expertise: Specializes in recruitment for the gamut of various financial professions – from telephone banking, frontal banking, analysts, economists, dealers, investment consultants, financial consultants, investment managers, back-office workers, accountants, auditors, collection professionals, and more.
Insurance desk's expertise: The Company possesses expertise in evaluation, screening, and placement of professional candidates in all insurance fields, from life insurance, insurance agents, elementary insurance professions, underwriters, actuarial science, claims, productions, consultants, salespersons, and lawyers with relevant expertise for the insurance field.
Technical desk's expertise: Evaluation, screening, and recruitment of professional, technical, and general employees for a range of occupations and jobs in the industry.

Employee Evaluation, Screening, Assessment, and Placement Unit :

Our company develops and operates a separate unit that carries out an entire process of locating a candidate for a job position, from running an ad in both the press and particularly in leading classified websites: Job master Wanted, Mojob, and more, to résumé screening, telephone interviewing, graphological testing, aptitude testing, personality testing, and psychometric evaluation by level.
In the framework of the unit, we hold behavioral assessment days for screening, classification, and presentation of potential candidates for our clients. This unique service enables a client to form an impression in real-time as a passive observer in a multi-participant group process and to form a personal impression of candidates' personality, skills, and behavior.

The assessment centers are managed by experienced consultants and include simulation tests and situation tests, intelligence tests, a job suitability test, and a grounded opinion from observation and analysis of a candidate's behavior. The method's advantages: precious time saved, quality and professional screening, candidate exposure to stressful and difficult situations, observation of a candidate's qualities, forecasting of a candidate's success in a job in particular and in an organization in general (operation of production lines and packaging departments, and integral activities). During the assessment days, potential candidates are evaluated through several professional tools. Candidates are measured by several screening tools adapted to the client and based on the job description and organizational culture.

Unit's Advantages

Full candidate evaluation and placement – a simple and focused process that saves time and resources.
The client is a party to the process design and screening tool selection.
Candidate caliber maintained.
A client manager who provides a professional solution to the organization's needs.
At the end of the process, the client receives a clear opinion on a candidate's job suitability.

Gender equality 

LM is firmly committed to empowering women at every level in the company. We strongly believe in equality between genders and constantly work with all our partners to implement gender equality policies.

TEMA Executive Evaluation and Placement Unit

A groundbreaker in professionalism, service, response speed, and evaluation ability in the field of executive evaluation and placement. Our evaluation checks personal qualities: management abilities, self-control, extroversion, assertiveness, and unique qualities for executive management positions such as a system perspective, large-team leadership, strategy building, and execution, coping with changes, functioning under pressure, and simultaneous dealing with many varied tasks. The evaluation is conducted discretely with no additional candidates.
An initial interview may be held outside the office in a coffee shop.
Processes and Evaluation, Screening, and Placement Methods

Receiving a profile from the employer

Questioning process for focusing and sharpening profile characteristics

Advertising a job position in relevant media venues, receiving a résumé, initial screening by required parameters

Candidate filtering through résumé screening and telephone interviews

1-1.5 hour-long depth interview

Post-interview filtering

Writing a professional opinion after an interview including the professional and personal aspect, suitability to the organization and organizational culture, salary expectations, and recommendations.

Graphology test

Aptitude tests and personality tests

Psychometric evaluation for management-level candidates

Assessment centers for management-level candidates

Accompaniment of process (candidate-employer) until a deal is closed.

My Way has a dynamic base of exclusive candidates and expertise in headhunting on demand.

Training Unit


Thanks to the company's accelerated growth, the number of new employees has increased each year. The human resource content world is extremely broad and requires group or individual training for every employee hired. The organizational training field and accompanying trained instructors provide an answer.
Also, there is training in different areas, based on a training needs' survey and a company's work plan. The activity is performed by trained coordinators.

Learning Materials Development:

There is a field specializing in this area that develops learning materials on a range of subjects, from professional know-how to a variety of workshops and skill improvement programs. The field features a variety of products, including educational software, workshops, colleague meetings, learning aides, frontal courses, and more.

A Learning Organization:

In an innovation-based company, the number of new products and services created within short periods is extremely large. A learning partnership and the processing and passing on of information constitute a substantive infrastructure for the company's ability to develop and operate with organizational flexibility. For this purpose, unique tools and techniques have been developed at the company, which create this organizational culture.

Manager Development:

Manager development programs are held each year for all layers of management at the company and include workshops, colleague forums, self-learning, and individual training.

Environmental Sustainability

In LM we believe that a sustainable environmental education should be a priority to create a better world. Therefore, we carefully implement in all our subsidiaries policies that are meant to improve recycling and minimize waste. A strong environmental friendly company is good for the people and the planet

Company Branches

L.M. is a nationwide company with 32 branches, from Karmiel in the north to major cities as Haifa, Netanya, Tel Aviv, Petah Tikva, Rishon Letziyon, Ashdod, Ashkelon, and Beer Sheva; peripheral cities as Upper Nazareth, Afula, Hadera , Rehovot, Lod, Ramle, and Sderot; and communities as Ofakim and Netivot. The company has a unique branch at Ben Gurion Airport 's Terminal 3, which, since 2007, has coordinated company activities in the employee evaluation, screening, training, and placement field in the context of the company's Airports Authority tender win.
The company's management backbone includes regional managers: north, center, and south, and branch managers. Each branch has a variable number of human resource coordinators (2-10) with an undergraduate degree in the behavioral sciences.
The company has a team of external consultants from various human resource fields who are always at the company's disposal for any project to execute selected tasks in the context of projects and/or tenders managed by the company.
L.M. Personnel Services is unique in the range of fields in which various job holders specialize and an ability to integrate capabilities for project execution.

Software, Computerization, and Communications Unit

As a support tool for carrying out the company's regular activity and executing a large number of human resource projects, the company operated in the field of planning and setup of a computerized candidate base listed with the Registrar of Databases. The database is built on Ma'arekhet Ha'adam [Human System], a unique evaluation and placement company management software by the Media Mahshevim company [Computer Information]. The database contains hundreds of thousands of candidates, and can automatically process and file CVs, classify candidates by complex parameters, manage candidate and employee data, and more. The system interfaces with bookkeeping software systems and complex report systems that can produce candidate reports by any required parameter. This reporting system enables tracking and control following employee location, screening, recruitment, and even hiring stages.
The company has at its disposal a computer and communications system that includes a server terminal system, an advanced nationwide system with six server terminals, 200 end computers, and 25 branches connected by a VRF network. An Office and Windows 2000 program and one Exchange server, which is an email management system, are installed in all computers, as are an Oracle server, SQL server, and domain control. The network's infrastructures are based on RJ45; information security is based on Fortinet. Fortinet's firewall and Trend Micro's antivirus programs are installed at stations and servers.
There are three types of database backups. There is a 4X4 transmission line for hooking up company branches to company servers. Each of the 25 company branches has one to three high-speed ADSL lines. There is an IP digital telephone switchboard with 200 end extensions, a computerized fax system, networked laser printers and scanners; a M.L.L. Otzma salary system with 15 end extensions; a SAP bookkeeping system with 15 end extensions; an A.D.M manpower management and assignment system with 200 end extensions; and cellular phones for all company managers and vital jobholders.

Project Management

The company's project unit provides all solutions and services for the full and inclusive operational management of human resource projects and large-scale logistics projects of any size for any need or purpose.
The service is performed by a team of the best leading experts in their field, who manage on the client's behalf all project processes and activities from start to finish.

Project Management Services Include:

Setup and operation of a human resource or logistics system specially designed for the project and supported by information systems and computerized infrastructures.
Manpower planning and worker allocation for the project: employee mix planning suited to a project's needs; employee location, manpower evaluation, and recruitment; employee allocation for a project by designated mix; employee training, employee assignment by task, and deployment by geographic area.
Full management of manpower in a project, including attendance and work hour report management, salary handling, etc.
Control activation, which checks activity in progress and matches computerized activity to manual activity.
If necessary, an advertising support system for a project: public relations and advertising means, and marketing communications means.
Nearly 100 company workers were regularly employed each year in the said projects over the company's 21-year period. The company can execute and manage complex projects in the human resource field in general and the evaluation and placement field in particular. The company has diverse management tools, some of which were developed at the company.
The company operated and operates several projects in the context of tenders it won. In 2005, the company won a Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality parking card information line management and operation tender.
Since 2008, the company has been operating an evaluation, screening, and placement system for Arab academic candidates for various government ministries including recruitment of cadets for diplomatic and management positions at the Foreign Ministry in the context of a Civil Service Commission tender.
The project's management included the planning, setup, and execution of a candidate location, evaluation, and placement system; the establishment of a unique branch in Dalyat El Carmel; allocation of the unique location and evaluation coordinators for the project; and cooperation with NPOs and foundations such as those operating in the field.
In the framework of this activity, an advertising and PR system was established that included the setup of an Arab and Hebrew-language website for candidate location, and PR activity for academics in the context of job fairs and parlor meetings (some with the participation of Foreign Ministry representatives).
The company also won Israel Railways, Israel Post, and Broadcasting Authority candidate location, screening, and placement tenders. The company has a legal consultant who accompanies each project and all of its aspects and legal complexity.

Finance and Bookkeeping Unit

The company's finance unit handles finances and money matters. The unit serves as a staff and control unit for management of the budget, balances, financial reports, reports required by law and regulations, statistical reports, revenues, money management, and the company's asset management.
The unit is headed by an accountant, the company's vice president of finance, who is responsible for matters about the company's financial management. Among other things, he is responsible for the salary and book-keeping department, auditing and control, and handling of a range of financial areas:

Preparing the company's financial reports

Monthly financial report to management

Handling of tasks vis-à-vis tax authorities – various authorizations, performing audits

Management of company finances: receivables versus payments regularly and investment of available funds

Management of current follow-up and handling of bank guarantees vis-à-vis clients and company suppliers

The entire employee hiring and salary management system was implemented and is implemented at the company by its salary department manager and department staff, which number over 15 employees.

The department head is a qualified full-time payroll accountant. The department is responsible for the following areas:

Preparing salaries based on data received from the various units and a data verification check

Preparing salary calculations and pension calculations

Preparing reports for external sources

Providing service to company employees concerning any inquiry and clarification regarding their salary

The company has an external accounting firm that regularly audits the company's actions.


Green Tech

Our company identified a real need of many organizations and plants for outsourcing solutions that would enable them to streamline their business activity and make the most of the resources at their disposal. By means of a method we developed, we locate, with the complete involvement of the client, integral activity out of regular activity and/or ad hoc activity that is passed on for management and operation by Green Tech on plant grounds allocated for the project and/or outside the plant on premises located by Green Tech.
Our expertise, experience, and familiarity with the market enable us, Green Tech, to offer our business clients a set of diverse, creative, innovative, economical, and effective solutions.

Competitive Advantages

The outsourcing method has already proven itself in the business world around the globe in various fields as a model that streamlines an organization's work and enhances the quality of its products while presenting increased revenues and decreased expenses and as a means of achieving an organization's goals and fulfilling its vision.
An outsourcing pioneer in the field of industry in Israel, Green Tech offers its clients a basket of services that help an organization become more efficient and achieve its objectives as well as competitive advantages.

Payment by production

There is no employee-employer relationship and subordination to collective agreements

An ability to appraise total cost in advance

Turning fixed costs into variable ones

Operational flexibility

Guaranteed quality and efficiency in line with pre-set parameters

Access to technology and resources unavailable within an organization

Immediate solutions in time-pressing situations

Adoption of innovative forms of thinking that contribute to organizational development

Fields of Activity

From the day of its establishment, Green Tech has accumulated plenty of varied experience in different industry areas and for years has engaged in creative and innovative development of services and similar fields of activity adapted to each client following his needs and including:

Operation of production lines, packaging departments, and integral activities

Production, packaging, and product upgrade on plant grounds or outside them

Multi-part product assembly

Management and carrying out different activities of the organization/plant

Subcontracted project implementation

Production floor management

Work Stages

Consulting – Feasibility check of contracting out work processes, products, and/or projects.

 Work plan – Adapted to timetables, measurements, client requirements, location, complexity, quality, and objectives

Costing – To be done by agreed measurement units

Execution – To include conformance with work areas, provision of skilled workers, project manager, packaging equipment, etc.

Operational Responsibility

We take operational responsibility and make our clients a commitment to creative and innovative thinking, meeting deadlines, and of course, meeting the execution of agreed quantities.
Each project is assigned a project manager on the company's behalf who is at the client's disposal during all activity hours.
The client has supervision and control ability as per his needs every stage of the project.
The Green Tech Global Logistic Group was founded in 2002 and quickly became leading outsourcing and project management group, which manages projects of different scales in Israel and abroad. The company has packing houses and logistics warehouses in Europe and provides storage services, packaging, barcode, added value, conveyance, and distribution.


LM Code of Conduct outlines our high ethical standards. We expect from our managers and employees to act in compliance with all laws, including all applicable local laws in foreign countries where we work. We also expect these same high standards of conduct from all third parties that act on our behalf.

This code of conduct aims to ensure that LM activities worldwide are conducted ethically and with full integrity.

LM Code of Conduct includes 4 strategic pillars as follows:

Integrity: LM Personnel and all third parties acting on behalf of the company must act with the highest integrity in connection with company's business and avoid conduct that is contrary to our values and/or that may damage LM reputation in Israel and abroad.

Bribery: LM strongly opposes and prohibits all forms of bribery and corruption without exception. This Policy prohibits corruption of Government Officials, private persons, and entities. Any interaction with government Officials must comply with applicable laws, rules, and regulations, including anti-corruption laws. Any benefits provided to and/or expenditures on behalf of Government Officials must be reasonable, justified, fully transparent, and accurately recorded in reasonable detail in LM’s books and records following local finance and accounting policies and procedures.

Transparency: LM is committed to transparent and responsible business conduct. LM's businesses must always comply with local finance and accounting policies and procedures.

Ethical standards: LM expects third parties acting on its behalf to abide by ethical standards similar to LM's and to comply with all applicable laws. LM conducts due diligence on certain Third Party Representatives whose functions involve activities that present corruption risk.

International activity

We are an international group who maintains and operates a logistic location in the suburbs of Bucharest. The center provides logistic services to the whole area – to local and foreign customers, importers and exporters. Also, the center represents foreign companies in Rumania.
Our services include:

      -Packing merchandise and materials
-Added value packing
-Merchandise handling
– Transportation, shipping and distribution
-Outsourcing crews in customers location
-Pricing by output

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